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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00 a toddler is dead tonight killed by an alligator at a disney resort. >> takes rare thing to happen in the first place. >> what happened and could more have been done to prevent this tragedy. >> a touching tribute in the dupont circumstance toll remember the victims of the orlando. >> a woman pushing her son in a strorl an a man tried drag them off into the woods. what one angry grandmother is doing to warn others about the crime. good evening, we begin with that bizarreal gate area tack in florida. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> it's the last thing anyone would expect during a family vacation at disneyworld of the dpaiter attacked a toddler last night at a disney report. sarah simmons joins us with the latest. sarah. >> tony,
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possible end in serve for a 2-year-old boy. drivers found the body of lane graves after they got the call an alligator pulled the boy from the water's edge at 7 seas lagoon. his father tried save him and was unsuccessful. a picture released by the orange county sheriff department. the toddler was missing for 16 hours in the waters on the grounds of the grand floridian resort. his body was found late this afternoon. the county sheriff says it appears the gator pulled the toddler into deeper water and drowned him leaving the body near the spot where he was last seen. the boy's parents are identified as matt and melissa grave from elk horn, nebraska, suburb urban part of omaha. the family release aid statement saying they appreciate the thoughts and hope-filled prayers and president of disneyworld says the company is doing what it can to help the family. disneyworld closed beaches at all the resort beaches out of abundance of caution even throat
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throat boy's body was recovered. wild life officials are still searching for the gator. >> the child was found. his body was completely intact. and so at this time, we will go through the formality of making a formal identification. >> we're going to look at the five alligators we've already taken and compare things like bite marks and such as that. we don't know what we have yet. it's early in that part of the investigation. there's a good chance we already have the alligator because we focused our area in that proximity of where the incident occurred. >> also, there are no swimming signs posted at the beach where graves was attacked. although no signs warning about alligators something the company said it would now look into. the sheriff says investigators are looking to see whether the boy's parents shrug charged but it's not likely. wild life officials say that type after tack is rare in a state with a gator population estimated at 1 million.
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all right. now to the latest in the or land owe night club shooting and the gunman killed 49 people and injured dozens more. today the fbi asked anyone with information about omar mateen to call the fbi tip line at 18 1800 call fbi or sechbilityd mails to >> we know mateen's wife was aware of the deadly plan and accompanied him when he brought the ammunition. she has not been charged with a crime. and well today omar matee mateen's father broke his silence about his son's rampage and blamedism sis for the radicalization. here's what he had to say. >> if there was not such a thing as isis then especially youngster not learning from isis all these terrible acts of horrible thakts would not have happened. the father also blamed the pulse night club. he said it should have been better secured to prevent his son's
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>> these are the faces of the men and women who inside the club. tonight thousands of people gathered in dupont circumstance toll pay respects to those killed. marina morocco joined us live with an update. marina. >> that's right, shawn t. was a somber vigil and filled with a lot of hope and take a look behind me here because attendees remain for the most part here at the dewpoint fountain and you can seat candlelight still eliminating the fountain here and people gathered sharing messages and many sitting down play praying and speaking words of hope today 102 second of silence began this vij imhonoring victims both alive and dead from that or land owe shooting massacre the names of the 49 victims that did not make it were read followed by crowd shouting in spanish, present. the vigil here at dupont circle invited other churches and faith communities to join the
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remembering those that died. >> no one muslim would attack and take lives of 49 people during the month of ramadan. that's not islam and that's not what our faith is based on. >> i don't think any one individual here can adequately put into singular words the depth this tragedy because it's such an immense one and as such that's probably why so many people are looking to be together at a time collectively we're better age to make sense of this all. >> tonight, organizers say u.s. park police believe roughly 2,000 people attended tonight's vigil here at dupont circle an a large portion of those walked over to the u.s. capitol where they head to the senate chamber and protests in the middle of the filibuster that been an all day process. live from dew point. "fox5 local news". >> meanwhile,
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and hillary clinton commented on the orlando mass shooting today. hillary clinton was in hamton virginia today to host a convention on national security and presumetive democratic nominee spoke him other plans to keep america safe and also took time to comment on the recent remarks made by donald trump. >> as has been pointed out the terrorist in orlando was not born in afghanistan as trump claims. he was born in queens, new york, only miles away from where donald trump himself was born. a ban on muslims would not have stopped this attack. neither would a wall. i don't know how one builds a wall to keep the internet out. >> donald trump spoke to a packed room in atlanta, georgia, today, while trump commented about the orlando night club shooting he was interrupted by a protester and here's how things unfoldedd we have to be strong and we have to be smart. we cannot let these things
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do you agree with me protester? do you agree? or do you think it's easy to be weak and ineffective like we are now? do you think that's okay? i don't think it's okay? i don't think it's okay. >> donald trump says he will meet with the nitional rifle association to discuss the idea of restikting people on the n no-fly list from buying guns, this is one area trump and clinton actual lay agree and the democratic front runner says if you're too dangerous to get on a plane you're too dangerous to buy a gun. new tonight a big gala was held to honor men and waem cross the country who work to stop gun violence. hundreds came out for the annual champions gala. it was held in northwest d.c.. senator william cassidy and chuck shumer and honorable judge teresa dellic were all honored and joe bi
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>> the idea that you can be in a no-fly list and no-buy list and stibl able to buy, if you're not on a no buy list? , i mean, what, what are these guys thinking. >> sachbdy hook promise was formed by several families that lost loved ones during the shooting at santdy hook elementary school. the orlando night club shooting prompted american medical association to call gun violence a health crisis. ama wants lawmakers to overturn 20 year old legislation that blocks cdc for conducting research on gun violence and the medical association says it will help determine how to reduce the guch related death and injuries. >> while most of the week is fantastic,
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out. humidity up and some rain could be making its way to our area. sue palka joins us now to tell us when and what to expect and when. >> however you want to aprovrn that tony no doubt about that. we're seeing showers and isolated thunderstorms tonight it's nonts we have to watch closely. we want you ready for the possibilities of showers overnight and rumble of thunder and you probably noticed humidity came up today and there's plenty of moisture in the atmosphere and showers overnight and brief out powers and south of hagerstown around the harrisburg area and bigger batch closer to the pittsburgh area. we've seen these on the move. i'll give you a closer look at the storms we're seeing and i'm not seeing lightening in frederick but i'll keep an eye on it it's showing signs of getting stroinger and heavy downpours possible there and you can see the other line that stevrp as
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line to ham top. few more storms martinsburg area and as you put in in motion they're generally moving west to east and around interstate 70 and getting strong everyone. you'll get brief rain in a short while. this storm has been loaded with lightning as it moves east southeast out western pennsylvania and that may affect the pan hand of of west sir vir and you can see everything in motion here. but there's more to watch. there's a bigger storm up towards minnesota that will ride down the frontal boundary tomorrow evening and that could bring us heavier batch maybe two in the rain we see tomorrow night. 60 overnight. isolated showers. scattered storms bit morning future cast givers you an idea these will be moveening on through here and overnight and by 8:00 this morning that's tractor-trailer for that round. we have one or
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during the day tomorrow and got to give you heads up on what's next to the pipeline and that is late-night thursday storms with some very heavy rain associated with them and that area of low pressure that's up over minnesota now is going to come moving along long our stalled boundary and there's a possibility of strong to maybe severe storms tomorrow night that could' ebbly drop 1 to 2 identify rain in yellow areas. i would watch for that possibility any time after say 6 or 7. but it may be closer to 9:00 when we see threats picking up with strong gusts and heavy downpours and maybe even flash flooding and not so much during the daylight hours tomorrow but evening into the overnight hours that will affect friday as well. we'll work our way hour by hour through the future dooingt show when you the heaviest rain hits and also talking about the weekend i'll join you with that a little later. shawn and tony. >> i always liked talking about that weekend. >> two thumbs up for that. >> thank you, sue. >> well you might not like to hear this talking about the weekend. if you ride metro you may
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find yourself in this position. >> i probably will start taking the bus and i need to learn the routes i don't know them well. >> we'll explain when the next phase of metro safe track program is going to effect and if it will impact you. >> a northern virginia woman and her young son attacked in a local park. when an angry grandmother is doing to warn neighbors. >> and how would you like to have a crystal ball that predicts where you are most likely to get a parking ticket in d.c.. we found something similar to that. we'll break it all down for you and have the parking ticket hot spot ahead tonight at 106789 10:00.
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a woman was attacked by pushing a sholner prince yil couple couldn't yivrpt man tried to pull her into the woods stonewall park in mannasas. he ran way after the woman screamed for help and meanwhile another woman that brings her grand ug
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doing everything she can to let people know what happened. . >> my grachd daughter means everything to me. i see a lot of parents that accepted their children here to play without parental supervision. that's where my concern comes in because i'm here to watch my granddaughter not those other children but i feel obligated to keep an eye on them because if something like this could happen in broad daylight at noon we're me big trouble. >> tonight police are working on composite sketch of the man and if you have any information give them a call. >> "fox5" is in the districts now d.c. police are investigating a series of armed robberies and detectives say there are at least 7 holdups since 11 p.m. last night and see all the locations here around the city and some in north east and others in northwest and the suspect descriptions vary. there is noypd occasions these robbyes are connected. .> tony. the prosecution restsed its case in the trial of
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goodson is the third of six baltimore police officers to stand trial in connection with the death of freddie gray. goodson however is the only officer facing murder charges. he was the driver ever the van in which gray's neck was broken following his arrest. a strong warning from metro tonight they want ride others to stay offer the rails as they roll out the second phase of the safe plan. metro will shut down service friday blue, orange and silver lines. no trains will run between eastern market, bening road and minnesota avenue. while metro promises to step up shuttle bus service they need fewer people riding rails over the next two weeks and many riders told us they still don't have an alternate route. >> i don't know. i was not aware it was shut down for 16 days. i catch the bus. >> i heard about it but i guess i forgot. i'll probably have to start taking the bus and i need to learn the routes because i
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>> serve two starts saturday june 18 and runs until jewel 3. >> developing tonight egyptian officials discovered wreckage from the egypt liner that cashdz in the mediterranean sea last month. mathtivity wreckage was seen between create and 'jiption coast and investigators plan to focus on the area to try to recover the plane's voice and data recorders because of the crash -- the cause of the crash has not been determined it was headed from cairo to par whis it crashed killing all 66 people on board. all right. if you were like the rest of us you are tired of getting parking tickets put on your car right there in the district. well, guess what there's a brand new tool to reduce your risk of getting cited, tisha. >> shawn, sick and tired of being sick and tired we know what a hassle it is finding parking in the district. help is on the way. there may be a way to help awe void the areas you might be most likely to get a parking ticket. details and information a
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that story coming up. >> looking forward to that and as we head to break sox broadway's brightest stars are joining togethers to remember the orlando shooting springs tim. idena mandel and naming an lane and matthew brodrick will record a special version of what the world needs now is love. all the proceeds will go to the lgbt center of florida and the song will be sold for $1.99 on broadway records web site and later on itunes we'll be right
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>> welcome back. new at 10 "fox5" is in the district a new report shows where you're most likely to get a parking ticket. the breakdown comes as more commute rerz turn to alternative as mid construction on metro. of course, if you will be drivingan
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district it would be helpful to know where the best places to park r fox 35 tisha lewis joins us live from georgetown with the story. tisha. tell us, tell us. >> reporter: well what i can tell you it's not here. if you drive in the district chances you are know when and where you're most likely it got a ticket. georgetown is no exception. and here in georgetown an organization called greater good of washington crunched numbers and found out georgetown is where enforcement is very, very high. we ran into this couple hello you're live on fox5dc hello. >> hi. >> you guys are parked in georgetown do you know you're most likely to get a ticket here? >> more than likely, yeah. >> you didn't get atic they time? >> not this time. >> okay. so, as you know, again, this is one of the areas that you are likely to get a ticket f we put all this into reverse for a moment and take a look that admittedly con guested map more than 14
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were issued this time last yearch the bulk of those tickets handed out again here in georgetown. now beyond georgetown most tickets were given closer to downtown no spz there and also people parking in the distric district's high income reden shall and entertainment areas like h and u streets got hit pretty hard and reps from the department of public works say the competition for curb side parking and commercial corridors as well as residential neighborhoods and those areas are very, very competitive and they say that's the reason once time surprise, time surprise and you're likely to fwet a ticket. it's very aggressively enforced. >> i try to park in the garage or far from here. >> it does make a difference knowing where they're giving out more tickets? yes this is george up to and hot spot for parking tickets. >> now, some commuters also told us sign am is misleading and cone sent traited areas makes
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it's not just georgetown bea bearing the brunt it's logan circle and 14 street reportedly see high levels of enforcement for the complete list. we know you want to know. you can check out our web site >> tisha lieu witness, "fox5 local news". >> thank you very much. >> all right now we know exactly where not to park. >> all right. >> so here's a question for you. how much sharing is simply too much sharing? these days it is common for people to post about everything their thoughts, feelings, what they had for lunch on social immediate yavrment but at what point do you draw the line. we'll be talking about that when we come
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>> a look at tonight 'top story as i toddler died in florida after app alligator attacked him, sarah. >> abody of 2-year-old nebraska boy dragged into the water by alligator was recovered today in orlando
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the body of lane grace was found not far from theal gate area tack and it happened last night during movie night outdoors at the grand floridian resort. it appears the gator pulled the child into deeper water and drowned him. an autopsy is planned. >> sarah, metro wants ride others to stay off of metro rail if possible as it rolls out the second phase of safe track plan. starting saturday, metro will shut down service along the blue, orange and silver lines and that means no trains will be running between eastern market and beping road and while metro proms to step up shuttle bus service they need future people riding the rails over the next two weeks. marina. >> and a crowd remains here at dupont circle following tonigh tonight's candlelight vigil honoring victims of orlando shooting massacre 102 seconds of silence for all the victims alive and dead and all 49 of fatal victims names read allowed and marched to the u.s. capito
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filibuster on guns, back to yo you. >> following the shooting in orlando, there were a flood of comments on social media. people shared grief, support for vick terms and even passed blame for the shooting. and it seems like just about everyone had something to say about. it but at what point are we over sharing on social media. jim lokay went looking for answers tonight, jim. >> reporter: i can think of one incident that happened last couple years i was close to boston marathon bombing my first inclination is to say hey i'm okay. that's hopefully what you do in situations like this. a lot of people have opinions and it's unscientific take we want to see if messages during times of tragedy is lost in social xwleed echo chamber. after event of orlando or any tragedy it becomes first inclination to share on facebook whether texts or photos well meaning has the
10:32 pm
discourse become white noise. is the meaning lost in the mess of timeline or twitter feed. we got perspective before taking it to the streets. >> the danger here is in terms of something like social media when you have more extreme statements being shared or more extreme opinions it's sense of complacency that can build up in us or even people feeling back about certain events happening or changing their profile fot orr's or these sort of things and opposed to seeing genuine care, thought, sympathy et cetera being pressed and instead people look at these things and think they're tokenistic instead. >> i personally feel there are more productive ways to express your emotions about things and your political beliefs. >> people don't usually generally use best judgment an anymore, yes social media has a lot of that things and it should be a time of mourning and it turns to hatred. >> for the mo
10:33 pm
out altogether. >> people say that a smart move. >> i do for pictures and families and catching up rather than political feed. >> people feel do you want to share your thoughts that's my perspective this is how it touched me. it's gotten a little out of hand. one can make that argument. >> i ask folks on facebook tell me what you think and they said some of them think it's great they can get everything out and other people agree they think there's security issues you post exactly are where you are at that moment in time and some people are tired of seeing what people post for lunch. >> the use of the term white noise is appropriate. you're inundated with facebook. snap chat, instagram, twitter and ul this and frankly a loft it quickly becomes mean spirited. a lot of people post good things. our thoughts with you et ceter cetera, et cetera, and then it becomes political and people yelling at each other. and it's not good. i agree with the people
10:34 pm
from it. it is not my first inclination to go there when something major happens it is not. >> in my case when i was close to it it was to say, hey, i'm okay and put on reporter hat and tweeted as i have to as part of the job and i think of the grand scheme of things somebody brought up this point. this is the time pick the phone up and call somebody and say hey, are you okay? >> yes, right, missing that face to face or voice to voice interpersonal reaction. >> i'm guilty so guilty of that too. i always have -- we all have our phones. but it's times like this you get back into touch with mu hannity and this is what you try to make that personal connection with people. so many people in orlando i know people that spent time at the pulse night club. this is the time i reach out and say hey everything okay. >> lutely. >> bottom loin is here put it down sometime. >> we need get into that mode. that's for sure. >> person to person. >> yep. >> thank you. >> still ahead the new local service that i
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the auto repair shop. >> also, you guys probably already heard or have always heard that cats have nine lives and no that is not a cat. this dog may actually have the magic touch as well. and he escaped a close call with a trash truck. his survival story when we
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♪ ♪ as long as you love me, anyit's alright. ♪e. ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. >> these days can you can have your groceries delivered and coffee brought to you and order a new iphone or computer and have it dropped in your hot little hands. but, car repairs? >> hot little hands tony? >> that's not what i wrote in there. >> i wanted to check it out. >> car repairs. yes, a bus
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created a service to make your car repairs for you. "fox5" laura evans has the story. >> reporter: the inconvenience and the costs. >> there's studies that show people would rather go to the dentist than get car fixed. >> reporter: julie holmes doesn't just get it because she's in the car business her family owns virginia tire and auto she gets it because she's a working mom of four her title alone tells you she's busy. so, julie came one an idea to launch an on demand car care valet. it's first of its kind in the d.c. metro region. >> aim as busy professional or mom who doesn't want to cart all their children off to the auto repair store. >> reporter: her idea to use the valet for any car issue rob jennings repair or scheduled maintenance. >> they would rather spend their time doing other things, spending time with kids, doinger rapdz, whatever they need to do. >> reporter: latest itera on the on-demand market right
10:41 pm
it ta valet is severing northern virginia. >> you can go online make an appointment convene to them and on time and from there we coordinate and confirm the poyrment and send valet to preferred pickup address in northern virginia. >> they'll bring a loaner if you need one. your car then goes in for service as one of their virginia tire and auto facilities. the full service shop. you can track it online and get status updates and when it's done they bring it back: how much? >> $15. >> laura evans "fox5 local news". >> vta valet launched june 1 and while north northern northern virginia now they hope to take the service to maryland and possibly d.c. by the fall. coming up at 11 the air force thunder birds are returning to the skies. >> they've been grounded ever since the car earlier this month and find out where you can catch their elite perform as team coming up. >> and facebook is no stranger to privacy concerns. but now wait until you hear how the new ads are
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you. that's ahead tonight at 11.
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>> all right we can all use a glil news this week. this next story does have a happy ending a dog that somehow ended up inside a trash compact tore truck is doing just fine tonight. >> "fox5" lauren demarco tells us people are scratching heads at this his story of survival. >> this little guy is being called packer. he's a five or six-year-old chihuahua and a little shy. you know what? he is a survivor. tens of thousands of tons of trash is picks up by recycling packer trucks in montgomery county each yearch the trucks jammed with cardboard, pizza boxes, egg cartons and other debris head to the recycling center in duringwood town load so trash can be sorted. on monday morning workers made amazing discovery among all
10:46 pm
paper products which were smashed together a dog toony chihuahua alive and for the most part unharmed staring unat them. it's not clear whether there were animal cruelty involved someone throwin him out like trash or wandered into a dumpster or recycling bin on his own. they say it's a miracle he sure vivrd. operations manager mark wheeler heard the chatter about a dog on the floor about his radio and saw the pup appeared mall nourish anticipated whileer brought him to the vet and instantly became attached. >> he looked fine had a cut on his nose. that was about it. when you hold him he was not acting as if he was hurt in any way no broken bones. they were talking about sending him to a rescue. they didn't know what to do. i was like old on a second i'll call my wixt so i called her and said what do you think about can we do another dog? and i told her the story and without hesitating she said bring him home. >> his name. >> packer
10:47 pm
>> why packer? >> because his new life started when he came out of the packer truck. >> the dog did not have microchip and is under weight 6 pounds 4 houngss and so happens wheeler wife jana is veterinarian nutrition consultant picture perfect. pam ser saying with them at the pred rick maryland home along with to daughters and two other rescue pups. >> if you believe packer may belong to you and was lost you can contact the montgomery county animal services and adoption centers. but from what the vet said the wheelers believe he was likely a breeding male kept in puppy mill companies. for now we're saying he's been recycled into a new family full of plenty of love. in frederick, maryland, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> good for packer. all right. tonight an alexandria police officer is making head blinds for act of kindness. last night officers responded to a call about suspicious activity on colonial avenue when he arrived they saw this homele
10:48 pm
hungry. without pays an alexandria police officer went back to be his car and brought a pair of shoes and dip to give to the man. police say although the homeless man was subject of the suspicious activity call when officers arrived he was not committing any crime. >> prettyty awesome. >> it really is. >> nice sdwo that. >> like to hear stories like that. >> all right. >> let's get it up dated on the weather forecast. ohh it's gotten gray out there. sue. >> and we have some showers that are especially prevalent to the north of the district tonight. tony, shawn, i think we'll see a couple more rounds before the sun comes up tomorrow morning. the good news is by the time the sun comes up we should see most of the showers pushing on out. i know you dealt with a few showers early this morning too. we'll start with weatherhead lines and then up to date on weather radar and the next 24 to 36 hours will be busy in terms of thunderstorms and rain potential. here are weatherhead lines so you know what to expect overnight. we think we'll be train
10:49 pm
scattered showers and few thunderstorms notice overnight hours and especially track will number the northern maryland area north central maryland suburbs seeing some of this and couple stronger storms west and also south. only a few showers during the day on thursday. we'll have once again a minimum of clouds and sun during the day and we could have a hit or miss shower and what we really want you to be paying attention to about this time tomorrow night is maybe as early as 8:00, 7:00 if you live par west there's going to be an area of low pressure coming through that will produce rain and storms that could have some strong winds and very heavy downpours with them. we'll be watching. thursday night friday morning. possibility of those stronger storms and they seem to be tracking west of the city right now and it looks like all of it will clear out by friday afternoon. so we should be able to get into the weekend in good shape. the next two days look like this. 84 tomorrow. you notice humidity around. we're concerned any showers and storms we see again pushing most to the nighttime hours
10:50 pm
work with and some places could see a lot of rain out of this. friday, cooler and showers you see here will primarily be we think in morning and clearing out in the afternoon. so that's what things are looking like in one snapshot. let me show you radar because it has gotten a little buzzier up to the norm and tracking showers moving from west to east across the northern suburbs and you can see them around frederick again towards westminster and eldersburg and everything into cockysville pushing west to east. there's more beyond that and stronger thunderstorms though. here they are again pushing across northern par mar, interstate corridor coming out pitburg and busy in those regions overnight there's this storm i'm watching and growing and generating lightning and pushing across the northern neck of virginia east taphanack and out to the bay. as we put nerve motion this piece of energy moves through overnight and there's more
10:51 pm
pressure bigger energy producer way up here and you see it spiping out of minnesota into wisdom martin and that going to be the big player that rumbles through the area tomorrow night and it's low pressure that will track along the stationary front and boundary and heaviest rain south and west of wherever the area of low pressure track tracks. we're thinking now it's west of the city. future cast how things play out overnight and track showers 2:00 in the morning i'm pausing this and see another round going on through and 8:00 in the morning most places dry. there could be stronger thunderstorms out to dover. maybe a few showers still out towards hagerstown area we go through the noon hour and you can see there are some hit or miss showers. not totally dry day but not totally wet for everybody either. 6:00 seeing activity coming out of western pennsylvania. we up there out to about 10:00, 11:00 and ask you see we're tracking potentially strong to severe storms even with heavy rain and maybe hail andgu
10:52 pm
winds to 60 miles an hour and then by friday morning we're left with showers and those northeast breezes startsing to push everything out. we've got good heavy rain dealing with we think tomorrow night and into the first part of friday and friday still has clouds around at noon and 340eg9 of it will be clearing out and we should end of day with sunshine and weekend looking great. back to the rain potential for tomorrow night. the bulk of which we get tomorrow night will be after say 7 or 8:00 and in this corridor here you see purple and red that's really heavy rain. easy 2" or more. sew that would be a flash flooding threat four not to mention strong and severe storms. in the yellow area you have a potential or sliingts rick of seeing storms with damaging winds and ever hade and i and maybe a little bit of hail again eye temperatures today in low 80s. we'll be warmer than that tomorrow and more humid and a lot of clouds. and best part of all the forecast
10:53 pm
fist day of summer is monday. it will feel like. it upper 80s with a lot of sunshine and strong and scattered storms tuesday a warm day and little cooler wednesday after the frontal boundary pushes through. we'll keep you all ahead of the weather and update on latest information coming in at 11. right now let's send it over to jim lokay and see what's up in sports. >> we could not see where storm systems ended and yellow dress began. >> lightening in a bottle. >> exactly. >> 12:30 afternoon baseball game sl called businessman special what about do you call 4:00 start rubber match of three game against the cubs vl early starts as nats set west coast wing in san diego. all the way to the bottom of the ninth. wilson ramos. base hit to left field. bryce harper goes around. bobled, scores, tied games 3
10:54 pm
it gets exciting here. bottom of twelve nats down 4-3 he comes through with base hit tied up again this time at 4-4 and two batters later running with two out and jason worth drives to deep right center miss as i homer and plenty deep to bring home the game winning run ward's second walk off in four days nats erupt in excitement and thrilling 5-4 win in twelve innings check this out. >> we came back and scored runs and we got long [bleep] to the west coast. you guys hanging in there on u us. i don't know who schedule aid 4:00 game but i'm glad we won. >> looks leak a world series win in june. still a lot of excitement. you have to. skips final practice for training camp begins july 28 questions need to be answered by july 15 and kirk cousins
10:55 pm
team belong to a deal coach grud ep happy with off season work. they scattered for six spz of vacation. what does the new guy have planned? >> a little bit of everywhere we'll be working out in midst of all that. this is when we come back it's for real and we don't get no breaks we stay for the deep plunge. we'll see what happens. we'll work towards it. >> guess who we didn't hear from today. >> jackson. >> could be. >> home for 116 u.s. on fox family network tomorrow and friday watch coverage from 10 fooem 5 p.m. on "fox sports 1"and coverage switches over to "fox5" right here 5 to 8 p.m.. they have people blanketing the country club. >> is that the official logo. >> it is. >> the reason is oakmont country club where it
10:56 pm
is that -- stop it tony. it's oakmont a squirrel. >> fantastic. >> it's just because it said oakmont. >> i'm going to go to oak monts this weekend and get you a hat. >> thank you i would wear it. >> i will wear it. >> now he's kissing up [ [ laughter ]. >> bring on the squirrel. >> that's what happens folks. >> uh-huh. >> news at 11 we'll be right back
10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
>> the search forever a toddler grabbed by bay getter in disneyworld is over. >> i can't comprehend what it would be sglik new defwailz how the attack happened. >> and remembering lives lost a giant crowd gathered in d.c. in the wake of orlando shooting. >> is it another up vacation of privacy? how face sbook now tracking your
11:00 pm
and two years ago the internet dubbed him the hot felon. what's he up to now. your news start right now. . >> thank you for saying us with i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> we begin with a heartbreaking story ut off philadelphia. we begin 16 hours after an alligator dragged him into a small body of water. >> it happened grand floridian resort. sarah simmons h more details tonight. sarah. >> reporter: tony and shawb the worst possible ending in the search. drivers found the body of lane graves late this afternoon in seven seas lagoon on the ground of the grand more ildian resort. they got the call an alligator pulled the boy in from water's edge during movie night yesterday evening. his father desperately tried to save him and was unsuccessful. the country sheriff says it appears the gator pulled the toddler to keep deeper


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